Together we sharpen the people side of business.

Together We Sharpen the People Side of Business.

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ReSCI Consulting, LLC is a management consultancy firm deeply committed to improving the work culture and climate of our client organizations.

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Onsite Consultancy

Our functional approach to organizational behavior invigorates social cohesion and intangible…

  • Ask: translate a practical issue or problem into an answerable question

  • Acquire: systematically search and retrieve the evidence

  • Appraise: critically judge the trustworthiness and relevance of the evidence

  • Aggregate: weigh and pull together the evidence

  • Apply: incorporate the evidence in the decision-making process

  • Assess: evaluate the outcome of the decision taken

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Training Workshops

Collaboration and Relationships Rejuvenate the human…

  • Communication: Strengthen lines of communication that can otherwise lead to frustration and confusion among employees

  • Collaboration and Relationships: Reinvigorate the human element to build trust with colleagues, customers, and partners

  • Critical Thinking and Decision Making: Enhance the ability to remove all emotion from an issue and observe the facts objectively

  • Self Initiative and Direction: Expand the capacity to set goals related to learning

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Customized Solutions

Our tailored approach highlights the pain points…

  • Discover: Unpack the root cause of tension in the workplace

  • Determine: Analyze the incongruence between functions and processes, and needs and requirements

  • Customize: Empower professionals with soft skills to address a specific organizational concern

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