Hanif Nu'Man

Chief Sociologist


Hanif is the Founder and Chief Sociologist of ReSCI Consulting, LLC. His experience prosecuting financial crimes generated interesting questions about why people were engaging in crime rather than the crime itself. He sought answers to questions about organizations and their role in employee behavior by pursuing a Ph.D. in Sociology. Hanif’s research on the mortgage industry collapse of 2008 led to interviews with bank executives, loan originators, and state financial regulators. His research offers meaningful insight into the role of technology on loan originators’ decision-making, state regulators’ perceptions of prosecutorial power, and the routinization of bank executives’ compliance strategies in a regulatory relationship. 

B.A.    Sociology, University of Washington (1996)
B.A.    Society and Justice, University of Washington (1996)
J.D.     Loyola University Chicago, School of Law (2000)
M.A.    Sociology, University of Wisconsin (2009)
Ph.D.  Sociology, University of Wisconsin (2014)