Managers today operate in uncertain economic and political environments. Globalization, shifting alliances among firms, intense competition, and customization of products and services place a premium on responding quickly to market forces. 

Our organizational assessment is critical to understanding organizational problems, identifying the underlying causes, and selecting appropriate interventions regardless of whether the change process is planned or emergent. 


  • Declining demand or revenues

  • Client/customer dissatisfaction

  • Criticism about external stakeholders

  • Rapid employee turnover

  • Stress and health problems

  • Low morale after downsizing or merger

  • Difficulties managing a multicultural workforce

  • Challenges posed by radical changes in markets and government regulation

  • Difficulties making major transitions from family to professionally managed firms

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Reorganizing

  • Trouble starting or completing complex projects

  • Implementing new technologies

  • Establishing product development teams 

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